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About Us
Michigan CardioVascular Institute

Michigan CardioVascular Institute (MCVI) is a team dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with cardiovascular-related health problems.

Our team includes:

  - Physicians in nearly every sub-specialty of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. Many of
     them have earned national recognition for their pioneering work in management and
     treatment of cardiovascular disease.

  - Cardiology and surgical physician assistants and nurse practitioners, each with
     specialized training and experience with different facets of cardiovascular care.

  - Some of our region’s best diagnostic imaging, lab and nursing professionals, backed by
     a highly competent support staff.

We are one of the largest cardiovascular service providers north of Detroit.  That size allows us to offer a level of skill, technology and service unique to our region, and we offer this in many locations throughout the area.

This makes the finest care truly "local" for more than 900,000 people. That’s important to us; we don’t believe the quality of your care should depend on where you live.

MCVI’s History

MCVI’s lineage begins in the late 1970s, as new technology and hospital facilities led to the creation of new cardiology and cardiovascular surgery practices in Saginaw. The two largest of those practices, The Heart Group, P.C. and Valley Heart Institute of Saginaw, merged to form MCVI in 1998.

Since then, several other practices have merged with ours, including the region’s pre-eminent cardiac and thoracic surgery practice. And to meet the needs of the community, we have recruited the best and brightest practitioners in subspecialties the region needs.

At the same time, we forged relationships with providers and healthcare facilities throughout the region – allowing us to reach anyone in northeastern and central Michigan who needs cardiovascular care.

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